Fellow Publishers! Due to popular request, we are supporting 300×100 banners now! Go and test how it works for you! 😉


What a day! Even under a really heavy hailstorm we have managed to release a new Publisher earnings dashboard!

Now our Publishers can analyze their performance report at a glance on a quick and sexy interface.

It also features fallback traffic analysis (if minimum CPM is set), separation of mobile and desktop traffic, per-device division and many more!

Screenshot of ClickPapa Publisher earnings dashboard

ClickPapa Publisher earnings dashboard


It is accessible from the Publisher account after login. Don’t worry, slow adapters can still switch back to the old design, however, this new one beats all. 😉

Happy earnings!

ClickPapa Team


Hey there!

Every advertiser who is in our system and who will! be in our system!
Great offer for you guys. Huge amount of popunders is available on a really good price!
Geos are worldwide quality is mainy HQ.
Also for publishers! Send us your desktop and mobile inventory and check out our awesome CPM rates.

If you are interested just feel free to contact one of our account managers.



Have a great week and also a nice weekend!

Wishing all the best,

ClickPapa Team


Hey All!

New features are ready for both advertiser and publisher side!
Let’s check one of them:
Minimum CPM feature for publishers:

If you are a publisher at ClickPapa you are able to set a minimum CPM for each geo that you are sending to our system and with this feature we will only sell it above the CPM you set.

Get in contact with our account managers to receive more information about the available features 😉

Don’t forget! You can boost your earnings with ClickPapa!



Hey everyone,

ClickPapa began cooperation with RiskiQ.

From now on we provide a new level of protection for advertisements.

Contact one of our account managers if you are interested to become a publisher or an advertiser in our network!


ClickPapa Team


Popunders are on fire!

Are you interested in Popunders?

Our inventory is growing and we are always happy if we can work with new advertisers!
Worldwide geos and lots of targeting options also really good prices both for mobile and desktop pops.
If you are interested let us know and we would be glad to do business with new partners.

Also if you are interested in any other ad formats or geos than feel free to contact one of our account managers who are ready to help.

ClickPapa is on the right route and ready to rock in 2015 as well!



ClickPapa Team


New Year new goals!

We wish a happy and successful new year to all of our partners and friends!

ClickPapa is ready to rock in 2015. This new year brings many goals for us what we are ready to achive.
We are developing from day to day to make our platform even better for our users.

If you are interested in desktop or mobile traffic feel free to contact one of our account managers and they will help you to find the best solution to make a profitable cooperation.

We would like to make 2015 an unforgettable year!





First of all a big thumbs up for our developing team!
Last week the campaign optimizing part of our system went out live!
From now on every advertiser is able to check every traffic source in their campaigns and if the advertiser is unsatisfied than the only thing is to filter out the unwanted zones.

We can proudly say that every week we launch a new feature in our system. The IT team is continously developing ClickPapa because as you know that an advertising platform is never 100% ready.

We hope that our users are satisfied with our platform and we are always ready to get feedbacks, so feel free to contact our account managers.

Let’s make ClickPapa rock!

ClickPapa Team


Interested in traffic?

If you are interested in traffic than feel free to contact one of our account managers and they will be glad to help you.

Mobile and Desktop inventory is available with several targeting options and with really good CPM.

Also if you want to register and use our platform as a publisher than do not hesitate!

Let’s do business together 😉

ClickPapa Team


Back in the blog life :)

Our last post was quite long time ago but now we are back in the blog life also! :)

Our team attented at lots of trade shows and we made lot’s of new business partners and we met great people.
The shows where we attended: Eurowebtainment Wien 2013, Internext – Las Vegas, The European Summit – Barcelona, The Phoenix Forum, Internext – New Orleans, The European Summit – Prague, Webmaster Access – Amsterdam.
We want to thank all of the oragnizing teams for the great events and we are looking forward to the events in 2015 aswell.

ClickPapa has grown quite a lot in the past year and  and we are working hard to keep the company on this road.

Our IT team is developing the system continiously to keep it user friendly and our sales team is working on the get the best traffic for our users.

If you have any question feel free to get in touch with one of our account managers, they are always ready to help you in everything you need.

ClickPapa TEam