UPDATE: The promo has ended! Congrats to everyone who particiated!

The feature itself still works like it should ­čśë


Fellow webmasters!

ClickPapa has just implemented separation for gay and transgendered traffic into the system.

It is a great step towards being able to narrow down targeting and get better results.

As a bonus, Advertisers using the segregation have no minimum bids fixed in the next 2 weeks after they settled it with their appointed account manager. We are giving an initial boost of paying as much as you want (buying $0.01 NTV gay banners? Yeah, it’s possible!)

It’s great news for Publishers as well: you get 100% revenue share from this targeted traffic for a limited time of 2 weeks! since many of our advertisers have jumped on board already and started bidding for specific traffic. This base of Advertisers is constrantly growing as we write this.

Log in to your account and start adjusting your campaign!

Hit us up if you have any question.

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