That’s right! We have extended our promo with no time limit!


The details:

If Publishers – old and new, registered with Your referral code – earn their first payout by reaching their preferred payout limit, you – as an Affiliate – get an additional bonus which equals to the payout limit, on top of your original 5% commission!

If the Publisher’s limit was $20 (and reached), you get $20 extra. If it was $100, you get $100 extra. This goes for every Publisher registered with your referral code, respectively.

Bonuses are periodically paid out with the original bi-weekly payouts. Offer is valid for first-time Publisher payouts only!

For more information, get in touch with us! Don’t forget to check your progress often!

You’ll be saying #ClickPapaMadeMeRich soon 😉


Our team will be present at Webmaster Access Amsterdam [Sep. 18-21] and The European Summit Fall (Prague) [Sep. 22-25]

Book a meeting with us or just have a beer or two together! 😉

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Publishers, hear ye!

Put our referral code into your website and earn a bonus commission on your traffic generated for us!

If it is placed on the main page only, you get +2.5% extra commission.
Place it site-wide to kick the bonus up to 5%!

If someone signs up with your referral links, you will also get 5% affiliate commission after your referees’ payout/deposit.

Extra commission is calculated into the regular payment rounds.

You can get the code snippet or banners from our website after you log in. Your bonus eligibility status is visible in your Domain list.

If you have any question, please contact us!
You can also meet our team at Webmaster Access Amsterdam and The European Summit Prague, 2015

Happy earning! 😉